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French Pill Claims to Make Farts Smell Like Roses, Lavender or Chocolate


“We were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done.”


You do it. I do it. We all do it. On average, we all pass gas between ten and fifteen times each day. There's no getting around it. Sometimes, the experience can be rather unpleasant for those nearby.

Yes, this is a story about flatulence, more commonly referred to as farts.

Digestion is at the root of all this gas. When the stomach tries to break down something we have eaten, bacteria attacks the food and a by-product is gas. All humans (and most mammals) release gas as part of the body's natural digestive process. And the result can be quite noxious.

However, if a new pill from France lives up to its claims, millions of people can stop blaming the dog, cat or the person next to them for...well...those smelly farts.

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Inventor Christian Poincheval claims to have spent eight years perfecting the blend of natural ingredients that will turn the nasty smells from your body's bacteria into sweet smells like rose, lavender or chocolate.

The flashpoint of inspiration for the pills was a particularly gassy dinner with friends back in 2006. He told the Telegraph, “Our farts were so smelly we were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done.”

After years of experimenting with different combinations, he is confident that his creation not only solves a stinky problem, but also benefits the body.

Poincheval's website (via Google Translate) explains the mixture comes from "charred plant materials such as poplar, lime or coconut shells." In addition to the aroma altering properties of the pill, he claims it "contributes to the functioning of the intestinal tract and relieves flatulence and the feeling of fullness after a meal."


If you put a red suit and hat on the 65-year-old Frenchman, most people immediately see "Santa Claus." Poincheval prefers Lutin Malin, or "crafty imp."

A while back, he appeared on a French television version of "Shark Tank," pitching his magical pill, but found no takers. 

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He has since started selling his concoctions online. A jar of 60 pills can be ordered from Poincheval's website -- he even has a powder that claims to work on gassy dogs.


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