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Incredible Video: Helicopter Bursts Into Massive Fireball

Image source: YouTube

A police helicopter responding to a crash in San Miguel, Chile exploded into flames Sunday after a firetruck clipped one of its blades – and it was all caught on video.

The chopper was responding to a vehicle crash involving a drunk driver. Police blocked off the area where the helicopter carrying a paramedic was to land, but a firetruck was still too close and clipped at least one of the blades.

That caused the chopper to flip over and burst into flames, shooting sparks in every direction from the blades still spinning. It later slammed into a police car causing the cab of the helicopter to explode.

Three officers were injured and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, according to one Australian media outlet.

Watch how the horrific incident unfolded:

(H/T: news.com.au)

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