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Minister Who Called Out Al Sharpton Has Just One Question for Ferguson Protesters


"Instead of us showing our greatest strength, we specialize in showing our greatest weakness."

Minister Johnathan Gentry appears on The Glenn Beck Program December 1, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Johnathan Gentry, a minister at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, made headlines over the summer with a viral YouTube video condemning the rioters in Ferguson. He also had harsh words for President Barack Obama, the NAACP and Al Sharpton.

On Monday, as Ferguson is once more gripped by riots, Gentry asked just one question of the protesters: "Are you happy?"

"I guarantee you, you're going to look in the mirror and say, 'No,'" Gentry said on The Glenn Beck Program. "You're tearing up where you live! You're tearing up your own community. Not no one else's. You're tearing up yours! So if you can examine yourself -- calm down and examine yourself -- you will see that you're not in a place of happiness."

Gentry said that instead of showing its greatest strength, many in the black community "specialize in showing our greatest weakness."

"I'm in my early thirties, and that's what we've specialized in," he said. "Then we wonder why we're stereotyped. We wonder why people don't see us the same. It's because of our actions and how we respond to issues that take place in our lives!"

Minister Johnathan Gentry appears on The Glenn Beck Program December 1, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Minister Johnathan Gentry appears on The Glenn Beck Program December 1, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Gentry told those who are rioting to take responsibility for their actions.

"Stop blaming slavery and segregation for what is happening now," he said. "It is you. It's not them. It's not this person. It is you standing in need of prayer."

Gentry also admonished those holding up signs at police officers saying "black lives matter" when black people have been "killing each other all year."

"Either put the sign down, or reflect it towards your own community," he suggested. "You understand? Because that's where we're dying -- in our own community."

Gentry had even more words for men like Al Sharpton, who he said are trying to erase the progress that has been made with race relations since the era of Martin Luther King.

As he sees it, they are trying to "recycle and rejuvenate hate, pain and anger into an innocent generation."

"A man cannot serve two masters," Gentry concluded. "This stuff runs extremely deep, spiritually. ... If you're not obeying what God wants you to do -- and God is love -- you're serving someone else. You're giving authority and you're bowing down to another system. What is it? What's causing you to react like this?

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