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What's Next for Sadie Robertson?


"There are some really cool offers that we’re considering."

When Sadie Robertson finished her time on "Dancing With the Stars" recently, the runner up said that she would be taking some time off to see "where God leads," though she has been giving some sneak peeks into a big project she's been working on.

Robertson, 17, is set to release a new "Willie approved" prom dress line in the coming months. The clothing line, which was first announced during New York Fashion Week back in 2013, is slated to hit stores in early 2015, as Christian Today reported last month.

The reality show star took to Instagram Wednesday to express her excitement, writing, "So happy about my new prom dress line with @sherrihill coming out. Are y'all excited?"

She also shared a picture of herself donning one of the dresses:

so happy about my new prom dress line with @sherrihill coming out are y'all excited???

A photo posted by @legitsadierob on

As for other projects following her "Dancing With the Stars" stint, she hasn't given specifics, though she did express openness to other entertainment projects in a pre-Thanksgiving interview with the News-Star.

"There are some really cool offers that we’re considering," she told the outlet. "But right now I just want to take a break for the holiday and then see where God leads me."

Speaking of her runner-up status on the dance competition, Robertson said that she was happy for her opponent who inevitably won, actor Alfonso Ribeiro.

"We put everything into the journey and we all wanted the trophy, but Alfonso and [his partner] worked super hard, too, and we’re happy for them," she said.

Her father, Willie Robertson, appeared earlier this week on the "Black and Blue" podcast, where he reflected on his daughter's recent "Dancing With the Stars" performance.

"At 17 to have that opportunity and experience is incredible. Everybody was pulling for her. I swear it was like the whole state. Everybody I saw. Everything became about Sadie which was neat," he said. "It was fun watching the torch being passed down to my kids. They’re so talented. She did great."

But all that aside, Willie Robertson said he was most excited about the example his daughter set.

"I thought she represented herself well and was authentic to who she was," he said. "She was able to be a bright light to a lot of people and especially to a lot of kids who needed somebody to look up to and share a good faith and message. That’s what we were most excited about."

It will be interesting to see her carry that message into her future projects.

For now, it seems Robertson really is relaxing and spending time with loved ones.

She was spotted Thursday watching her boyfriend, high school quarterback Blake Coward, win a state championship in Alabama.

(H/T: Christian Today)

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