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Missouri Bar Patrons Were Outraged by This Friday Night Drink Special


“I should have thought a little bit more..."

Image source: WDAF-TV

A bar in St. Joseph, Missouri, thrust itself into a national controversy Friday night when it introduced a new drink offer, the "Michael Brown special" — six shots of Jose Cinge for $10.

The bar, Mug Shots, prides itself on being a place where "sarcasm is always free." But now, one of the bar's co-owners regrets his latest attempt at sarcasm, telling WDAF-TV in Kansas City, Missouri, it was "not meant to cause any harm."

“I should have thought a little bit more about it before I made it a shot special," said the co-owner, who didn't want to be identified.

Image source: WDAF-TV Image source: WDAF-TV

A picture of the sign advertising the drink surfaced on social media Saturday, sparking outrage from some on the bar's Facebook page and leading a group of protesters to hold signs and chant outside the bar Saturday night. One Facebook user, Brian Kline, took a different approach — contacting the bar directly to express his opposition.

“Just so everyone knows, there was a man who was planning to come protest tonight with a group of people, but since he contacted me and we talked about things, he is now coming to talk to reporters with me because he sees that this is a ridiculous misunderstanding that has been blown way out of proportion. Thankfully we were able to talk like adults and were able to understand both sides," the bar said in a comment on its Facebook page.

In a separate Facebook post, Mug Shots' co-owner responded to the online fury, saying: “I would like to ask all of our supporters, friends and bar family to refrain from arguing or giving into all the hatred on [Facebook]. We know who we are and that our family is the furthest thing from racist in anyway. Lets all just party and enjoy the holiday season.”

The co-owner said he got the idea for Michael Brown shot special from other bars, citing the good response they seemed to be getting.

“That’s what bar owners do if they find something works at another bar they try to use it at their bar," the co-owner said.

On Saturday night, he directed sarcasm at himself with the introduction of yet another drink special: "The owner of Mug Shots is an a**hole," serving customers six shots of Jose Cinge for $12.


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