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The greatest threat to America’s survival is right here at home -- and it has nothing to do with terrorism


Blackwater founder and ex-CEO Erik Prince shares an alarming message, plus his thoughts on Iraq, Benghazi and much more.

The facade of the National Constitution Center illuminated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Mark Makela/Corbis)

Blackwater founder and former CEO Erik Prince has a message for Americans about the greatest existential threat to our country which is likely to draw jeers from critics and cheers from champions: it is not foreign, but domestic -- and Prince isn't talking about "homegrown terrorists."

During a wide-ranging interview in connection with his book, "Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror," in response to a series of questions about the degree of the threat posed by ISIS versus Iran, Prince told me [starting at 12:55 in our interview below]:

ISIS poses a near-term threat, but certainly the greatest threat long-term are crazies with a nuclear weapon in Iran...that is by far the most destabilizing possibility in the Middle East.

...I think it's highly concerning that the Obama administration is talking about making an Iranian nuclear deal that wouldn't be subject to Senate approval -- like any other treaty would be.

We have a Constitution, we have a division of powers of the U.S. government -- that is, beyond ISIS or beyond Iran -- if we start destroying the Constitutional foundations of America, that clearly is the greatest threat to American survivability.

...We're going in uncharted waters here, very very dangerous waters.

During the interview, we also had a chance to discuss several other topics including:

  • The biggest myths about Blackwater
  • How political correctness endangers America and its interests
  • Prince's critical view as to the veracity of the House Benghazi report
  • Whether Blackwater encountered WMDs in Iraq -- and his belief that we may find more WMDs there in the future
  • Whether America's enemy is a tactic, "terror," or has a name and face
  • What America must do to defeat Islamic supremacism
  • And much more about Prince's time with Blackwater and the past and future of American warfare

For more on these and other topics, be sure to check out Prince's "Civilian Warriors," which explores America's history of private defense contracting, the rise and in Prince's telling, politician-caused fall of Blackwater -- which Prince feels was a precursor of sorts to the IRS' targeting of conservative groups, Prince's response to the critics of the company he founded and was forced to leave, and much more.


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