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Reporter Asks Obama If It's His 'Responsibility' to Address 'White Privilege' in America — Here's His Answer


"But they see Eric Garner and they see Trayvon Martin and they say there’s not really a lot of improvement."


Fusion’s Jorge Ramos grilled President Barack Obama on a number of topics in an interview published on Tuesday, including race relations in America and “white privilege.”

When Ramos asked Obama if it’s his “responsibility” to improve race relations and address “white privilege” in the United States, the president argued race relations have improved dramatically over the decades — even some in the time that he’s been in office. He never did specifically address the "white privilege" portion of the loaded question.

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“I think that if you talk to younger people — your daughter, my daughters — their attitudes absolutely are better when it comes to race,” Obama said.

“But they see Eric Garner and they see Trayvon Martin and they say there’s not really a lot of improvement,” Ramos shot back.

“Well, but, you know, the folks who said there’s not a lot of improvement, I don’t think were living in the 50s and remembering what it was like to be black or Hispanic and interacting with the police then,” Obama added. “There has been improvement, the question is: What more do we need to do?”

Obama also claimed to have been discriminated against in his life, but reiterated that race relations have improved over his lifetime.

“Each successive generation, what we’ve seen in America, we’ve seen improvement,” the president said.

On the hot topic of immigration, the president defended his executive action on immigration and dismissed lawsuits filed to block the action.

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Ramos also questioned Obama on the release of the Senate report on Tuesday outlining the "enhanced interrogation techniques" used by the CIA against terror suspects.

Obama said "terrible mistakes were made" and the techniques "violated who we are as a people."

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