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A Simple Scene Uncovered in This Refugee Camp Shows That Iraqi Christians Driven From Their Homes by Islamic Militants Haven't Given Up Hope


"Come what may, they're still celebrating the birth of our Lord."

Canon Andrew White/Facebook

Iraqi Christians living in a refugee camp on the border of Kurdistan and Northern Iraq are facing dire circumstances after being driven out by Islamic State radicals, but that hasn't stopped them from celebrating the Christmas season.

"They made a tent for Jesus," Canon Andrew White, vicar of St. George’s Anglican church in Baghdad, told TheBlaze Tuesday.

White, who also runs the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, a humanitarian group, said that an individual at the refugee camp sent him a picture this week that shows a large nativity scene depicting the traditional story of Jesus' birth inside of a tent.

He said that the display, which was setup three days ago, shows that, despite immense challenges, Iraqi Christians who were displaced from their homes in Nineveh and Mosul continue to rely upon God.

"I was thinking that despite however awful their situation is, the most important thing to them is that the Lord is there and his spirit is with them," White told TheBlaze. "Come what may, they're still celebrating the birth of our Lord."

White said that the photographer, whom he declined to name, wanted the picture to serve as an encouragement to let others know that, despite monumental troubles, Christians in the region are forging on and "celebrating the presence of … Jesus."

The preacher said that his staff continue to work on the ground with these individuals and families every day and that there are times when there is limited food and resources, as people continue to reside in tents and temporary housing far from their homes.

These Christians also face dire weather conditions this time of year, as temperatures have plunged.

"Yesterday one of the children died," White told TheBlaze. "It's really cold. We have been buying them heaters and taking them oil heaters."

White spoke with TheBlaze in-depth back in August about the chaos caused by the Islamic State. Read what he had to say here.

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