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Man Tosses Rocks Over a Frozen Lake, Then Listens in Awe at the Unusual Sound it Makes


"A thin layer of perfect ice has formed on Kluane Lake."

A video posted earlier this month shows a man toss several rocks over a frozen lake in Canada and seemingly listen in awe at the unusual sound it made.

The footage, which was uploaded to YouTube Dec. 1, depicts the unidentified man skip the rocks after a "thin layer of perfect ice has formed on Kluane Lake."

Kluane Lake resides in Yukon which is in the Northwestern part of Canada near Alaska.

The unusual pinging sound is the result of vibrations in the ice.

"And the chirping and pinging when you chuck rocks at the frozen water? They’re different from the noises you’d generate by whipping rocks at, say, dirt, because underneath the ice the water isn’t solid. Ice vibrates up and down, similar to a drumhead or cymbal vibrating after being struck," according to the website Cottage Life.

At the time of publication, the video had only attracted a few hundred views. However, a similar video posted in October took the Internet by storm and amassed nearly 10 million views on YouTube.

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