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Police Officer Forgets Her Own Fear to Rescue 'Distraught' Woman From Four-Story Ledge


"The 911 calls come in. She's on the ledge."

Image source: KPNX-TV

A Phoenix police officer may very well have saved a woman's life Monday.

"The 911 calls come in. She's on the ledge. Someone said she appeared distraught and then there we ago," one officer said.

Officer Brandy Thwing who has been on the city's force for 13 years noticed a woman sitting on the edge of a roof four stories above the street in downtown Phoenix. That's when Thwing crossed a narrow ledge, which officers reportedly said was unstable, and pulled her back to safety.

Image source: KPNX-TV Image source: KPNX-TV

Arizona Republic reported the 19-year-old appeared to be wearing earbuds so when she raised her arms to put her hair in a ponytail, Thwing reached for her arms and pulled her away. It is unclear why the unidentified woman was on the roof in the first place but only that she was visiting with her mother from Texas.

Thwing, who ironically said she is afraid of heights, said she didn't look down but kept looking "step by step"and focused on the direction where she was trying to go.

But even after overcoming her fears to potentially save a woman's life, Thwing said she doesn't consider herself a hero. Instead, she was just doing her job, she said.

Thwing's partner, officer Josh Ramos, wasn't surprised by her display of courage given her nature of humility.

"She was the first one in there. She got it taken care of, Ramos said.

Watch as Thwing heroically maneuvers her way to the edge of a building four stories above the street to rescue the woman who appeared "distraught":

(H/T: Arizona Republic)

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