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There's a Nasty Surprise Inside the Package This Guy's Picking Up, and When You Hear the Story, You'll Agree That He Deserves It


“I bet you that’s the last time he stole from them, right?”

Image via WJLA-TV

'Tis the season for gift-giving...and gift-taking...and boxes of dog poop.

Residents of the District of Columbia have been plagued in recent weeks by roving thieves snatching packages off their doorsteps, but one couple fought back in a creative way.

Image via WJLA-TV Image via WJLA-TV

After their security camera caught a man making off with their package on Friday, the couple repositioned their camera and left another package on their doorstep, WJLA-TV reported.

The catch: The second package was full of dog poop.

“Obviously, it made me really mad,” the woman, who didn't want to be identified, said of having her package stolen. “I worked hard, saved my money, bought something and then it was just gone.”

Her gambit worked, as the same man came back and picked up the dog poop-laden package while giving the security camera a full shot of his face on Monday.

When a WJLA reporter told locals about the couple's ploy, they reacted with amusement.

One man said, “I bet you that’s the last time he stole from them, right?”

See the footage below:

The couple filed a police report in the hope that the thief would be caught.

A police spokesman informed TheBlaze Wednesday that an investigation into the case is ongoing and no arrest has been made.

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