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Did anyone else cry?': Watch these kids have the perfect response to crummy Christmas presents

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These kids really get in the Christmas spirit, spouting boundless joy and gratitude...even when their presents literally stink.

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Their dad had the idea to prank them ahead of Christmas, writing on YouTube:

As we approach Christmas I wonder if my children realise how fortunate they are when they are inevitably spoilt rotten on Christmas Day. So I decided to let them have one early gift 2 weeks before Christmas. One completely terrible gift that is.

In the video, he asks his kids what they want for Christmas, and they both immediately shout their answers: the little boy wants a Ben 10 watch, and the girl wants Barbie Princess and Ken King.

Then their dad gives them each an early present and they dig into the wrapping paper to find something unexpected.

"It's not Barbie Princess and Ken King," the little girl marvels as holds an onion. "It's... it's... it's my present!"

She spends the rest of the video convinced that her stinky onion is a tiny pumpkin, while the boy pulls out his present, "A bah-naw-nah!"

Despite the lackluster gifts, both children seem jubilant just to have received a gift at all.

Watch their joyful reactions below:

The video is an internet classic — the original was posted Dec. 13, 2011 — but it was enjoying renewed attention on Reddit Saturday as commenters reacted to the children's gratitude and shared Christmas stories of their own.

One commenter wrote about his own son displaying similar gratitude:

The year the Nintendo Wii came out, that was all my son wanted. I told him there was no way he was going to get it. Little did he know I had a friend in New York City that could get one from the Nintendo store. I am big on the kids having the same amount of presents to open along with the same amount spent. So I bought him all these crappy dollar store toys and candy. When he opened them he was so happy, didn't even question it. At the end we acted like Santa had hidden one more gift for him, which was the Wii. He was so excited and cried! When I asked him why he wasn't disappointed in those other gifts, he said, 'Mom, some kids don't get a Christmas. I am always going to be happy with anything I receive.' He was 12.

Another commenter recalled an old man's simple presents from his childhood at church:

When I was a kid (80s, 90s), after the Church Christmas Pageant an older member of the church named 'Frank,' would give out sacks filled with peanuts and one orange to all the kids.

I always though this was kind weird, but hey, the last place you want to be ungrateful is church, and it became a tradition.

When I was older, and Frank passed away, I learned that when he was growing up during The Depression, his family of like 8 kids was beyond poor. The peanuts were fairly affordable, but back in those days, to get an orange, during winter, in the middle of the country, was unthinkable.

He remembered just how happy he was getting his Christmas gift of an orange, and now that he was able to afford many oranges, wanted kids to have at least what he had growing up.

Most commenters, on the other hand, didn't share long stories — they just appreciated the kids' joy.

"Did anyone else cry?" one commenter asked. "Cutest kids ever!"

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