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From England to Russia to India, People Speak Related Languages. Here's the Surprising Place Scientists Think All Those Languages Got Started.

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English, Urdu, Russian, Norwegian — they're just a few of the myriad tongues that belong to the massive Indo-European language family.

Scientists believe they all started in one place: Anatolia, also known as Asia Minor or modern-day Turkey.

Based on the research of University of Auckland, New Zealand, evolutionary biologist Quentin Atkinson, tracing the vocabulary and geographical reach of 103 Indo-European languages, a Business Insider video shows the spread, development and evolution of the tongues of Europe.

Starting with ancient Anatolian, the video shows Indo-European dialects envelope Europe — all while the old tongues change or, in the case of Asia Minor, get replaced by a different language family altogether.

A few oddities are clear on the map as well -- you'll notice a blank space spreading in the Slavic region around 1000, representing the non-Indo-European Hungarian language, and Kurdish streaks as an Indo-European outpost in the Arabic-speaking world.

Watch the mesmerizing video below:

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