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He Took a Picture in an Alaskan Cave. When He Got Home He Noticed Something Downright Scary in the Background.


“Very cozy in there, actually"

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As Michael Glidden walked around Chugach National Forest outside Anchorage, Alaska, Saturday, he had no idea of the danger that lay only a few feet away.

Glidden spotted a dark cave along his journey and decided to go in to escape the outside temperature hovering just below freezing. When he entered the cave with his two American Eskimo dogs named Shasta and Aspen, he shouted "echo! echo!"

Nothing. All he could hear was water dripping.

“Very cozy in there, actually," Glidden told KTUU-TV.  But little did Glidden know that he wasn't the only in the cave who found it cozy.

He sat his camera down and set it to take a picture of him with the deep, dark cave in the backdrop. But it wasn't until he had already returned home that he noticed something in the background: a hibernating bear.

Glidden noticed a shadow in the background of his photos while posting them online. He took a closer look and soon realized how close he had just come to a potentially fatal outcome.

Glidden told KTUU he would have never gone in had he known a bear was hibernating inside. Still, he said, "It was a great honor to be that close."


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