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She Just Auditioned for 'Bad Girls Club.' Then a Cop Put a Boot on Her Wheel. Her Brazen Solution Just Might Get Her on the Show.


You can feel the collective wincing.

After a "Bad Girls Club" casting call in Houston earlier this month, a woman who was apparently one of the show's hopefuls was caught on camera facing a real-life obstacle that producers would be proud to write into an episode, the Houston Chronicle reported.

boot Image source: YouTube

And her solution might just get her hired.

The video shows the woman in her parked BMW SUV chatting with an officer. Before long, the camera panned right and you can't help but notice a yellow parking boot attached to the driver's-side rear wheel.

Faced with such an obstacle, the vast majority of drivers would spend their next few minutes figuring out what bureaucratic hurdles need to be cleared so that the boot could be removed.

Not this woman.

After the officer seemed to lock the boot into place, she started up her vehicle — and to the officer's amazement (and onlookers' hoots and hollers) — put the SUV in reverse. The boot smacked and scraped the pavement and the wheel well as the SUV bounced up and down. You can feel the collective wincing.

She wasn't done: She put the SUV into drive and made her outrageous way down the street.

We won't give away the finale. Watch how it ended for yourself:

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