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Which High-Ranking Government Official Admitted to Forgetting the Pledge of Allegiance?


“I’m a trial lawyer ... I’m not usually at a loss for words."

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday that, as a trial lawyer, he is not often at a loss for words. But when he was asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at an elementary school in Queens, New York, he simply couldn't remember it.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Johnson was speaking before the Profession Services Council in Arlington, Va. when he admitted to forgetting the pledge.

“It had been, how long since I said the Pledge of Allegiance,” Johnson said. “I’m a trial lawyer ... I’m not usually at a loss for words. But I now know how to say the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Watch Johnson's complete explanation via the Washington Free Beacon:

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