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Is Santa Claus a Democrat or a Republican?


"He and the elves believe in hard work."

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Is Santa Claus a Democrat or a Republican? Well, that depends on whom you ask.

The Washington Post posed this holiday-themed question to prominent members of both political parties and, as could be expected, the outlet received a diverse pool of responses.

Take, for instance, former House speaker Newt Gingrich who said that St. Nick is "clearly a Republican."

"He actually delivers what he promises. He and the elves believe in hard work," he said. "He helps children for free, he doesn't put them deeper in debt. He unites all of us in a love of Christmas. He isn't a divider."

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Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus agreed, noting that, with Santa, "if you like your gift, you can actually keep your gift."

But Democratic consultant Jason Ralston diverged.

"As someone greatly impacted by and deeply concerned about climate change — and who has negative views on coal — Santa is clearly a Democrat," he told the Washington Post.

And rather than claim Santa for his own party, Obama media consultant Jim Margolis agreed with Gingrich and Priebus that Santa is a Republican, calling him "out of shape [and] obsessed with red." He also noted that St. Nick requires employees "to work day and night" as further evidence that he's a member of the GOP.

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As TheBlaze previously reported, a 2012 Public Opinion Polling survey found that 44 percent of Americans believe Santa is a Democrat versus 28 percent who say that he's a Republican; an additional 28 percent are unsure of St. Nick's political affiliation.

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