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Trucker's Video Shows What Happens When a Car Veers Into His Lane, and It Has Him Demanding 'Some Respect

"That BIG space we have in front of us, is for US to be able to stop in time, NOT for you to pull into."

Image source: Live Leak

A trucker posted dashcam video of his accident with a car that got too close for comfort on a Connecticut freeway and turned the item into a life-and-death warning to other car drivers — and demanded they "(s)how us some respect" on the road.

"Give us room to work, stay away from our rear and sides and front," the trucker, who goes by Wolfy77 on LiveLeak, wrote. "That BIG space we have in front of us, is for US to be able to stop in time, NOT for you to pull into. Show us some respect, because your life, and the lives of your loved ones depend on it!"

In the clip titled "Being 'first' makes you LAST Car v Semi," the trucker was in the left lane of the two-lane road; another rig was further ahead in the right lane. Soon a car driver passed the trucker on the right and veered ahead into the left lane.

Image source: Live Leak Image source: Live Leak

As another car driver attempted to do the same thing, the first car driver hit the breaks:

Image source: Live Leak Image source: Live Leak

So the trailing driver slowed down and crashed into the trucker's bumper:

Image source: Live Leak Image source: Live Leak

The driver lost control of her car and disappeared from camera view, going through the right-hand barrier, the trucker said.

Image source: Live Leak Image source: Live Leak

She was hospitalized after the Dec. 16 incident with minor injuries, the trucker wrote, calling her move "a VERY poor decision."

Image source: Live Leak Image source: Live Leak

"An 80,000 lb rig vs. your 2,000 - 4,000 lb car will result in at least your car being torn up, at worst, we are pulling your corpse out from the wreckage," the trucker wrote. In the clip he noted that he was on a headset phone call.

After the trucker posted his clip, almost 1,300 comments followed — not all of them appreciative of the trucker's point of view:

"F*** this condescending truck driver, dragging the line in the fast lane like HE OWNS it," one commenter wrote. "He's all offended when others have to get somewhere using HIS WORKPLACE. Give me a break, he's the passive-aggressive one, probably not letting peeps pass 'cause 'I'm 80,000 pounds, look out, here I come, I'm very important, Walmart needs this cat food.' Move that POS rig to the right and stay there moron."

"piece of s**t big truck driver, has no education, thinks HE IS THE TRUCK, and demands attention and respect — what a failure at life," another wrote. "Driver please suicide before you kill some more innocent drivers."

"His excuse for driving in the left lane is that his exit was 2 miles away," yet another wrote. "The exit he wanted is almost 4 miles away from where is stopped. Do you prepare to take a left exit 4 miles in advance? No, nobody does. He was being a d**k that day and is trying to backtrack with all his 'safety' advice."

[sharequote align="center"]"He was being a d**k that day and is trying to backtrack with all his 'safety' advice."[/sharequote]

Others saw things the trucker's way: "Aye Wolfy, patience is a virtue that not all drivers have and respect for others is an essential survival trait that when lacking, kills or injures many drivers who cut people off thinking they are in some freaking Fast and Furious movie."

Wolfy77 hit the comment board himself after a while and clarified his points:

"Interesting comments so far to be sure. >> I << am the one who posted this, so let me tell you a couple things you DONT see in the vid. 1) Obviously some of you MISSED the SEMI in the right lane traveling WELL below the POSTED speed limit I was fixing to overtake 2) The EXIT I was about to take is a LEFT exit about 2 miles further up the road 3) This is NOT the WHOLE vid from that day, so you MISSED the SIXTY FIVE MPH speed limit sign, which my CRUISE was set on (and the tracking device in my rig TWO minutes prior shows a speed of 59 MPH) and 4) At the time, there were TWO of us on the highway, the rig on the right, and me, within a 1/2 mile either front or rear of my truck. So until y'all understand the WHOLE picture, take this for what its worth, which is DONT CUT OFF TRUCKS!"

One commenter agreed with him: "'Interesting.' Come on now, you don't have to be that nice Wolfy77. You can call a moronic commenter a moron! They haven't one bit of perspective from your seat. Thank you for the post, sir."

Here's the clip:


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