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She Had a Bad Feeling About the Van on the Right. Seconds Later Her Worst Fears Were Realized: 'This Guy Is Crazy


"They need to go to a police station."

(Source: YouTube)

A woman reportedly in Illinois had her worst fears realized while tailing an erratic driver.

After her son turned his phone on to record a man apparently exhibiting sloppy driving and road rage, the duo decided to follow him to see what might happen. In less than a minute, a multi-car accident unfolded with the driver they were tailing crossing the center line, hitting several vehicles and a light pole and ending up lodged in the woods.

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

The melee occurred moments after the woman in the video advises, "They need to go to a police station," a reference to a another van the man allegedly was bullying before the incident.

In the moments after the accident, the man with the camera runs to the scene and captures the van lodged in the woods. "This guy is crazy," he tells other witnesses. He later looks in the vehicle and observes, "Yeah, this guy is drunk. This guy is wasted."

The police show up a short time later and appear to struggle to get the man to comply.

You can see it all unfold in three parts below [CONTENT WARNING FOR SOME LANGUAGE -- but note some audio has been silenced]:

The video says the incident occurred in St. Charles, Illinois, which is close to Chicago. So far no independent verification has occurred.


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