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Elderly NYC Man Suffers Brutal 'Racial Attack' in Broad Daylight and Has a Message About His Attackers: 'They're Animals


"They're not human – they're not human at all."

Image source: WABC-TV

A 67-year-old New York City man who has lived in the same neighborhood for 40 years says he was a "racial attack" by two others in broad daylight Saturday.

The violent attack, captured on home surveillance camera, happened in The Bronx at around 2 p.m. As one of the men attacked longtime resident William King another stood watch. Neither of the two perpetrators took anything.

Image source: WABC-TV Image source: WABC-TV

Image source: WABC-TV Image source: WABC-TV

"I believe it was a racial attack - they weren't trying to rob me, I had money on me and my wallet and all. They weren't trying to rob me," King told WABC-TV.

King said the attack left him with a cut above his eyelid, numbness in the side of his face and a lump on his head. King also said he's no longer able to open his mouth fully as a result of the gruesome encounter.

Image source: WABC-TV Image source: WABC-TV

King's neighbors later saw the attack on video and reacted to the alleged crime.

"I'm a believer in God, that he watches over me, but sometimes you have to watch out for the fools, and there are some fools in this neighborhood," resident Diana Monroe said.

Elizabeth Sing, responded by saying, "That's really sad –  that's desperation in my opinion." Another resident simply stated in disbelief, "Oh my, look how they're whipping him."

Image source: WABC-TV Image source: WABC-TV

But as far as King is concerned, "They're animals. They're not human – they're not human at all."

Despite all that happened, King went to church the very next morning where he teaches Sunday school. Police are still looking for the people responsible for the assault. No arrests have been reported.


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