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Masked Men Allegedly Bash Elderly Man in the Head with Ax Handle — but He Was Carrying Much Deadlier Method of Defense


"I don't think he deserves to walk. I don't care if he got that many stitches, I don't care."

Screengrab via WPXI-TV

A man in West Pike Run Township, Pennsylvania, opened fire on two masked men who allegedly tried to break into his home on Sunday night. The homeowner killed one of the men and the second suspect was arrested after initially running away, police said.

Police believe the two suspects, identified as 42-year-old Robert West and Andrew Graseck, 18, cut the power to the victim’s home and then knocked on his door. When he went to investigate, one of the suspects attacked him, according to the police report obtained by WPXI-TV.

After reportedly getting bashed over the head with the handle of an ax, the homeowner fired several shots, fatally striking West. Graseck then retreated to a neighbor’s house and asked the person to dial 911. The 18-year-old was subsequently arrested and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal conspiracy and criminal attempt.

Investigators believe the deadly altercation was caused by a “business dispute.”

The homeowner needed several stitches for a wound on his head, but was then released from the hospital. The district attorney in Washington County, Pennsylvania, will determine whether any other charges will be filed in the case.

West’s mother, Patricia West, said her son had been working for the homeowner and they had a dispute. However, she said she doesn’t see her son putting on a mask and initiating violence.

Screengrab via WPXI-TV Screengrab via WPXI-TV

“I see him going to get his tools and maybe talk to the man,” she said.

Brandon West, the decease suspect’s son, said the homeowner should be “put in jail.” He also claimed his dad “has never done anything like this, and for it to end like this kills me.”

“He shot my dad right in the head. I don't think he deserves to walk. I don't care if he got that many stitches, I don't care,” he told WPXI-TV.

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