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Man Shot Over $60 Meth Deal by an Officer. However, He Wasn't Just Any Man.


And it happened in a McDonald's parking lot.

Like a twisted, tragic scene straight out of "Breaking Bad," a man was shot over a meth deal in Albuquerque on Friday.

The victim, however, ended up being an undercover officer. The shooter: a fellow cop.

The shooting occurred when a police lieutenant opened fire, police said.

One other officer suffered minor injuries, and two suspects were arrested in connection with the planned meth bust.

The interrupted deal was worth $60, police said.

The officer was shot in a McDonald's parking lot on Friday just before noon and was hospitalized in critical condition, the Albuquerque Journal reported.


Police did not say why the shooting had occurred.

Asking to keep the involved officers' identity confidential, Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden spoke to the difficulty and danger that goes with undercover work.

“Undercover narcotics work is probably some of the most dangerous work that we do in law enforcement,” Eden said during a Saturday news conference. “Due to the nature of those undercover operations it’s impractical for those narcotics officers, those narcotics detectives, to wear body armor. It’s very impractical for them to wear on-body cameras.”

See Albuquerque's police chief and mayor speak about the incident below:

Banding together to support their fallen comrade, Albuquerque police have set up a GoFundMe page to help the critically injured officer.

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