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The Small Thing the Radical, New, Far-Left Greek PM Did After Being Sworn in That Glenn Beck Noticed and Is Calling a 'Dangerous Symbol


"It's a very dangerous symbol."

In this Friday, May 25, 2012 photo torn EU and Greek flags fly at the entrance of an abandoned factory in the industrial zone of Komotini about 800 kilometers (500 miles) northeast of Athens. In its heyday just over a decade ago, the industrial zone in this far-flung area of northern Greece was a hive of activity, with dozens of factories producing everything from textiles to ceramics and employing nearly 20,000 people. Now, the Komotini industrial zone is a picture of desolation, a stark illustration of the toll Greece's vicious financial crisis has taken on the country's industry. (AP Photo/Nikolas Giakoumidis)

Over the weekend, the far-left in Greeze pulled out a victory over the country's governing conservatives. While there certainly is plenty to be concerned about, it was the small thing the newly-sworn-in prime minister did as his first official act that had Glenn Beck worried.

After being sworn in, Greece's Alexis Tsipras laid flowers at the memorial erected to commemorate the Greeks killed by the Nazis. That may seem benign, but as Beck said, it was a "shot across the bow."

"Why is that significant?, Beck asked. "Because Germans are the ones that gave Greece their money. So when Greece needed a bailout, they went to the Bundesbank and said, 'we need to borrow some money.' The German bank gave them the money, underwrote their economy and now they're controlled by the Germans."

"And the Germans wanted them to cut back on spending, they wanted austerity," co-host Pat Gray added.

"Right," Beck replied.

He then went to explain more from the German perspective:

The Germans are like, 'Look, you guys are living it up.  I mean, it's irresponsible. You can't pay us back if you were continuing to spend the way you are spending, so you can't spend. And we're the ones that -- we gave you the money, now be responsible with it.' And that's called austerity: cutbacks. Well, the Greek people did not want to do it, because it's hard. You're not living the same life you've been living, and it's going to get really, really hard. This, by the way, is coming to America. And it's going to get really tough. And so the Germans are like, 'Look, we aren't going to continue to fund this. You have to cut back.' So the first thing the new prime minister does is put flowers down at the place where they shot the Germans, as a shot across the bow to Germany saying, 'We know who you are. You screwed us before, you shot and killed our people, and I want you to understand I know who you are and you're not going to do that to us again.'

"It's a very dangerous symbol," Beck concluded.

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