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Was That Supposed to Be Funny?': Seahawks Sketches Face Laughter Deficit



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It seems like comedy gold: a vehemently outspoken, hyper-competitive player and his taciturn, media-shunning teammate.

Yet comedians seem to be spinning the gold into straw.

"Saturday Night Live" took on the Seattle Seahawks players Richard Sherman, known for his trash-talking outbursts, and Marshawn Lynch, known for basically the opposite.

'SNL' portrayed the pair as part of the wider strangeness of Seattle (and included a jab at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio), but the clip drew a chill reaction.

Watch the clip below (content warning: mild language):

Mediaite's Adam Kirell dubbed the 'SNL' sketch "mediocre," and commenters on Twitter laid into the bit, calling it "lame" and "not funny."

Of course, the sketch did have some defenders.

"SNL" wasn't the only comedy group that tried tackling the Seahawks this week.

Comedy Central's "Key & Peele" released a sketch based on the same concept — Sherman and Lynch in a joint press conference — and it, too, fell flat.

Watch below:

"[W]as that supposed to be funny?" asked one commenter.

The top-rated YouTube comment on the video: "Dont know bout u guys but i didnt laugh once."

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