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Watch: Senator says porous border means jihadi attack in America 'is our future


Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) said he believes Americans will soon face terrorist attacks from followers of radical Islam in the coming years, and that these attackers will easily seep through the porous southern U.S. border that he toured over the weekend.

"My primary question is, once there are jihadi attacks in the U.S., which I think is our future, and we find that some of them came across our porous borders, what are we going to do then?" he told Fox News. "Because that's what we should be doing now."

Sasse said that during his several days on the southern border, he said evidence of rampant border crossing by illegal immigrants.

"The Rio Grande River, one of our pilots joked… it's not a river in places, it's… 100 yards wide and eight inches deep in places, and people can just come right across," he said. "Pretty much everywhere you'd go, either by eyesight or by surveillance, you'd see people trying to get across the river."

Sasse tweeted pictures of his border visit, including one that showed people crossing and another that showed an incomplete border fence:

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