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The Top 50 Most Beloved Love Songs Over the Past 50 Years


"Arguably the top power couple in the love songs department."

Music has most certainly changed over the past few decades, though the common theme of "love" remains relatively constant in the ever-evolving songwriting realm, with tunes continuing to emerge that both capture and celebrate romance.

With that in mind — and given that we're just 24 hours away from Valentine's Day — AccuRadio, a streaming music company, has published its top 50 list of the most beloved love songs over the past five decades.

But rather than merely listing the most popular songs overall, the music company dove in deep to figure out which love-themed tunes were the most popular for each individual year between 1965 and 2014.

The Righteous Brothers' song "Unchained Melody" took the top spot in 1965, with the Bee Gees "How Deep Is Your Love" dominating in 1977. Fast-forwarding to 1999, Faith Hill's "Breathe" was the most popular song, with Toni Braxton and Babyface's "Hurt You" winning in 2014.

And there's something interesting worth noting about Hill's presence on the list, according to AccuRadio.

"[She] scored consecutive hits in 1998 and 1999 with 'This Kiss' and 'Breathe,' respectively," the company noted in a blog post. "Her husband, Tim McGraw, had 1997’s top love song with “It’s Your Love,” making them arguably the top power couple in the love songs department."

AccuRadio determined the top songs by finding the highest rated tunes and matching them to release years. The company produced the following infographic that displays their results from 1965 through 2014:


The infographic also provides the top states where love songs are most streamed on AccuRadio as well as the top romance songs being played on the platform. Read more about the results here.

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