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American Sniper' Has Already Beaten All Other Oscar-Nominated Films in This One Category

Bradley Cooper appears in a scene from "American Sniper." (Image source: AP/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Add "American Sniper" to the top of one more chart.

It's not necessarily a ranking producers want to be on, but it goes to show just how popular the film they made is.

In this image released by Warner Bros. Pictures, Kyle Gallner, left, and Bradley Cooper appear in a scene from "American Sniper." The film is based on the autobiography by Chris Kyle. (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Pictures) AP Photo/Warner Bros. Pictures

According to a study released by Irdeto, a company that tracks online piracy, the biopic about the late American Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle has been illegally downloaded more times than any other Oscar-nominated film since the Academy Award nods were announced last month.

Between Jan. 15 and Feb. 14, "American Sniper" was illegally downloaded 1,389,819 times, amounting to more than $24 million in potential lost revenue.

Potential lost revenue, as explained by Irdeto, was calculated by multiplying the number of illegal downloads by the average cost of a Blu-ray disc ($19.99). However, not every illegal download can be considered a lost sale, the study notes.

Below is the study's full list of the most-pirated 2015 Oscar-nominated films:

Image source: Irdeto.com

The information was gathered by Irdeto's proprietary tracking software to identify users illegal downloads of each film on the BitTorrent network. Each piracy case had a unique IP address that downloaded a unique file on the BitTorrent network, which is a way for users to download large amounts of data at once and allows users to share files across the Internet.

(H/T: BBC)

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