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Can You Keep Up? See How Fast You Can Read Using This Technique


"Limits. We have all got them."

Think you're a fast reader?

See if you can keep up with the text in this Honda commercial:

The car manufacturer introduced the new interactive commercial to advertise its "new range of products and continuing innovations all whilst challenging the viewer to push themselves to improve."

If you thought the last one was a piece of cake, Honda also released an even faster version:

How are you able to read so fast? Some on the social news site Reddit speculated it's because the reader's eye only has to focus on one word at a time without moving.

There are tools on the Web that use such a concept to help readers get through a lot of text quickly. Readsy, for example, allows readers to input text via a PDF or URL and control how many words they want to read per minute. Readsy "[helps] you skim large amounts of text by focusing your eyes on one word at a time without having to move them."

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