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Family members ruining your relationship on 'The Bachelor


Is it a dealbreaker if your sister, who you're very close with, won't give approval for your potential spouse to marry you? How about if your mom reveals you've never held hands with a past partner? Or if your brother reveals you're a "wild mustang"?

On the "Married Guys Talk Bachelor" podcast -- where two married Blaze employees recap the show -- we look at how the hometown dates with Prince Farming led to Chris' ultimate decision that brought us the final two.

Also, as we revealed thanks to extensive research in episode one of our podcast, the big "Playboy" Jade reveal took place during the show. How did that go? (Spoiler: awkwardly.) Listen here:

Also discussed: the non-tropical locales "The Bachelor" contestants visited, the big fall from the top slot by Britt and a look back at how our predictions performed.

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