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Glenn Beck Says the Russian Assassination Brings the World One Step Closer to World War III -- Here's How


"What happened this weekend is a very important step of growth for them, and a very frightening one."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program March 3, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck has been warning that the world is headed for World War III, and said Tuesday that the assassination of former Russian deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov brings the world one step closer.

"I believe that we are headed for World War III, and there are two sides of this: the Axis powers and the Allied powers," Beck said on his television program. "I personally don't think that we have chosen to be on either side yet. If anything we're leaning towards an Axis power, not the Allied power. But hopefully the American people and Congress will wake up."

Beck said the world will be forced to contend with the threat from the Islamic State and the threat from the fascists, which he says is largely being driven by Russia and President Vladimir Putin. The recent assassination of Nemtsov, Beck asserted, shows that Putin is becoming increasingly brazen or that he has created a monster "he can no longer control" by fanning the flames of nationalism.

"This is where World War II left off. World War II, Hitler comes down and he plants all of this sick ideology [in the Middle East]. But what he doesn't know, or maybe he does, is that their ideology fits part and parcel with their theological belief that they will play a role in the battle of Armageddon," Beck said. "The communists ... have gone fascist now, but they are planting themselves in Italy and in France and in Germany."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program March 3, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck highlighted the significance of the timing of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress, noting that it is the same week the Jews celebrate Purim.

"This is the week that the Jews mark the anniversary of Mordecai going to Esther and saying, 'Persia is going to kill all the Jews.' You were born for a time such as this," Beck said Tuesday. "Will America wake up? Will we become Esther? Will we hear the call? Will we see the threat of modern-day Iran, ancient Persia?"

"Everybody now is concentrating on the caliphate -- we're looking at the other shoe to drop," Beck said. "[In 'The Root: Red Storm Rising'], we showed you how anybody who is opposing Putin is labeled a traitor or a spy, and we said that assassinations would likely increase. On Friday, that fear became a reality."

Beck said journalists have "dropped like flies" under Putin's reign, but Nemtsov's murder is different. Either Putin ordered the assassination as a form of retribution, or someone like Igor Girkin, a former colonel in the FSB who orchestrated many of Russia's actions in Ukraine and Beck warned about in his Russia special, took control.

"You can't pull off a hit in Russia without getting approval from somebody at the top. Who did he get approval from?" Beck asked, playing the video of the assassination. "Two scenarios here. We warned you about both of them. We don't know which one is happening. But Russia's nationalism is heating up. The radicals Putin has stoked are pushing him to do more. This type of nationalism is a monster, and that monster has become something that Putin can no longer control."

Beck said "what happened this weekend is a very important step of growth" for the Russians, "and a very frightening one."

"Whether Putin personally gave the order or not, he is ultimately responsible for this," Beck concluded. "The world needs to hold him accountable."

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