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The Daily Kos Headline Some Are Calling 'Beyond Unreal': 'The Left Never Ceases to Amaze


"Are you ppl serious?"

The Daily Kos published a story late Wednesday night suggesting that the rise of the Islamic State may be due to climate change.

"ISIS may have roots in climate change," the headline read.

According to the article, a drought in Syria some blame on man-made global warming partially destabilize the region, creating a power vacuum that led to the rise of the Islamic State.

"It's unfortunate that we in the US have senior policy-makers playing rhetorical games with snowballs as the world warms up and populations are displaced," the blog post said. "But climate change denial isn't just bad science, it's bad business."

"And since our elected leaders increasingly take marching orders from corporate America instead of we the people, perhaps we can hope global energy companies and related firms, many of which are highly leveraged in the Middle East, will conclude that simply denying climate change is bad for their shareholders," the post concluded.

Immediately following publication of the post, mockery ensued online.

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