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The Arizona Diamondbacks Have a New Ballpark Menu Item That Michelle Obama Won't Like

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The days of plain old peanuts and Cracker Jack are over.

We're one month out from Major League Baseball's opening day, but some of the most important baseball news is food-related.

The Arizona Diamondbacks had social media abuzz with the announcement of a new addition to their ballpark food menu: the Churro Dog.

Team chef Michael Snoke took a hot dog bun-shaped chocolate frosted doughnut and wrapped it around a cinnamon pastry churro, then topped the combination with frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauce.

It'll set you back just $8.50 — practically a bargain by today's steep ballpark prices — but the calorie count is a little steeper: one Churro Dog has an estimated calorie count of 1,117, or a whole lot of base-running.

The Diamondbacks made headlines with another food item last year, the D-Bat Dog: a $25 18-inch corn dog stuffed with jalapeños, bacon and cheddar cheese.

According to ESPN, the D-Bat Dog was a success and will be on the concession stand menu again this year.

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