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Watch: MSNBC falls for con man on live TV...and the host didn't realize it even after he uttered an expletive


"I think we were being had..."

As news networks scrambled on Thursday afternoon to cover the Delta plane skidding off a runway at New York's LaGuardia airport, MSNBC was left a little red-faced when it was duped by a con man on live TV.

One of the passengers was New York Giants tight end Larry Donnell, who was posting on social media about the issue and who the Giants confirmed was OK. Someone posing as Donnell called into MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, and the network put him on. And it quickly became obvious the man was conning the channel.

One of the bigger problems, however? Mitchell was oblivious even after the man swore on-air, and also continued to try and interview him

After the man uttered the explicit phrase "F*** her in the p****" and either hung up or was cut off, Mitchell asked him another question about the pilot. It took a colleague to tell her they had been had.


(H/T: WFB)

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