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Here's How Your Simple Selfie Could Be Seen by Millions Across the Country


"Why settle for 15 minutes of fame when you can have 7 days and supporrt a great cause!"

Image: Twitter

Would you pay $25 to have your face or your favorite photo put on billboards all across the country and seen by as many as 11 million people?

That is exactly what can happen if you participate in the Ultimate Selfie Campaign (#ultimateselfiecampaign). The program is an out-of-the-box fundraising idea that helps charities while allowing people to plaster their faces on billboards all across the country.

The project is the brainchild of a non-profit group called Creative Chatter. They typically work locally to match people and groups in need with nearby donors.

In the Ultimate Selfie Campaign, Creative Chatter has teamed with Lamar, a publicly-traded, outdoor advertising group, to offer people a chance to post their selfies on billboards all over the country for just $25.

The $25 dollar donation allows you to post a photo with a few words, or a Twitter identity, like the photo below.

If you are interested, the requirements are simple. Participants must agree to Creative Chatter's general terms, plus the following rules.


  • Minimum $25 tax deductible donation.
  • No personal contact information
  • No crude or profane statements
  • No phone numbers
  • You have permission and legal right to post the photo
  • We have the right to edit or delete all submissions


The images will be seen on Lamar's digital billboards around the country for a week, as well as on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Lamar and Creative Chatter.


Want to see your face on billboards all across the country?

Get the whole story from Creative Chatter.


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