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Remember the Used Car Dealer That Stiffed the Pizza Delivery Guy? They're Back in the News for What They Allegedly Did to a Female Customer


"Go away."

(Source: WCVB-TV screen shot)

If F&R Auto Sales sounds familiar, that's because it made national headlines in January. Back then, the employees at the used car dealer were caught on video treating a pizza delivery man downright ugly, all over a $7 tip and a mistake that was seemingly their fault. Lest you thought that was an isolated incident, the dealership is back in the news for what it did to a female customer.

The latest incident is one of many. Westport, Massachusetts, police told WCVB-TV that just in the last year they have received about 26 complaints from patrons. The allegations range from forging car documents to arguments. It's the latter that's the focus of the recent story.

In December, before the viral pizza incident, a woman called police saying that she was threatened by two employees after she complained and tried to return a car she recently bought that failed to pass a safety inspection. According to her, the two men swore at her and even threatened to punch her in the face. They also allegedly made a sexual comment.

It didn't end there. The two men apparently began calling the woman to make her "go away."

Police investigated and ended up filling charges of threats to do bodily harm and intimidation of a witness against the dealer's owner, Francis R. Correiro, and another employee, Mark Dambrosca.

But that might not phase the two: According to the station, the police contacted the attorney general's office, which said that since 2009 38 complaints have been filed against the dealership.

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