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Three Men Illegally Sneaked Into the Abandoned 'Eighth Wonder of the World' and Here Are the Pictures


"All of the lights were on in the main hallways."

A few years ago three men sneaked into the abandoned Astrodome in Houston, and they're just now releasing photos from their adventure.

The sports complex, which KHOU-TV reports is "dubbed The Eighth Wonder Of The World," has been empty since 2008.

"After making it in through a gap in the fence, we were stunned to find out that we snuck in on led straight onto the field," the user going by astrdome713 wrote on Imgur. "It's kind of hard to tell, but you can see that all of the lights were on in the main hallways which we thought was strange, but definitely helped us explore!"

He added that he and his buddies weren't there to vandalize or steal anything on the property but just "to see how the ol' dome was doing!"

Take a look at the images from their journey in this Imgur slideshow:

Joe Stinebaker, spokesman for the Harris County judge, told KHOU that people caught breaking into the Astrodome will be prosecuted. He also warned of the structure's "inherent danger" in its current state.

In December, there was a new proposal for how to repurpose the Astrodome, which was named a national treasure in 2013, according to the Houston Chronicle. This plan suggested turning the structure into an indoor park complete with zip lines.

It's not the first time plans have been pitched to reuse the Astrodome. According to a recent article by Smithsonian Magazine, "[t]he Astrodome isn’t saved — but somehow it isn’t gone. It’s the perfect avatar of its time, big enough to hold our space age optimism and allay our space age fears."

(H/T: Deadspin)

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