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NBC Journalist Is Asked What He Thinks About Obama's Policy in Iran. The Administration Won't Like His Answer.


"It's actually even more contradictory than that."

(Source: NBC video screen shot)

NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel has not been shy recently to criticize the president's foreign policy, and on Friday he cut loose again, firing as salvo of shots regarding Obama's position on Iran.

"Richard, how does the United States find itself aligned with Iran in Iraq but yet against Iran in Yemen here. Breakdown the complexity of this, especially when it seems like it's kind of contradicting the alliance," an MSNBC asked him.

"It's actually even more contradictory than that," Engel began. "Because in Syria you have the U.S. fighting both with Iran and against Iran in the same country. So there is an incredibly convoluted dynamic right now there the U.S is negotiating on one hand [with Iran] ...  so while we're negotiating in one country, we're supporting a fight against Iran in Yemen ... we're fighting both with and against Iran in Syria, and fighting with Iran in Iraq."

"There are many people who I've spoken to ... who say that what we're seeing here is an incoherent policy regarding not just Iran, but regarding the Middle East in general," he concluded.

He also mentioned that many believe the reason that Saudi Arabia didn't give the United States a heads up on strikes against Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen is because "Saudi Arabia and other countries simply don't trust the United States anymore, don't trust this administration, [they] think this administration is working to befriend Iran to try and make a deal in Switzerland and therefore didn't feel the intelligence frankly would be secure."

He called that "troubling."

Watch the segment below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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