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Sportscasters Speculate What Two Opposing Coaches Were Discussing On Court, Find Out Moments Later: 'Whoa


"I think that would have been the conversation..."

As the quarterfinal game between West Virginia and Villanova in the Women's National Invitational Tournament came down to a close Sunday night, sportscasters found themselves speculating about what the two opposing coaches were discussing with each other on the court.

"Two great friends in the coaching circle and I think they were telling each other what they were going to do," one sportscaster said.

That turned out to be correct.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Coach Mike Carey asked his player to intentionally foul Villanova senior Emily Leer so that she had an opportunity to reach her 1,000th point before her career concluded. Leer was fouled and hit the front-end of a free throw to score her 1,000th and final career point.

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WVU Women's Basketball on Monday, March 30, 2015

Both coaches knew that Wildcats senior Emily Leer had amassed 999 points over her career and was only one shy of joining the 1,000-point club. With seconds to go in the game, her chances to make that happen were withering away.

Mountaineers coach Mike Carey decided he had to act and "asked his player to intentionally foul" her so that "she had an opportunity to reach her 1,000th" point at the free throw line, the West Virginia Mountaineers said on Facebook.

"Oh and Mike Carey is going to foul here. I think that would have been the conversation between [Harry] Perretta," the sportscaster said as he gave the play-by-play. "That's some gamesmanship there. Whoa."

Leer ended up sinking one of her two free throw attempts, official achieving 1,000-point status.

Villanova, however, ultimately fell to West Virginia 75-70.

At the time of publication, footage of the act of sportsmanship has been viewed more than 630,000 times on Facebook.


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