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Alleged Would-Be Rapist Gets a Major Surprise From Miniskirt-Wearing 'Victim' — Twice


He never saw it coming.

Screengrabs via CEN from The Mirror

An alleged would-be rapist recently entered a restaurant in the Chinese city of Linyi after hours and “targeted” a female restaurant worker. The suspect seems to have been fooled by her miniskirt as he was entirely unaware that she is apparently a martial arts expert.

The man reportedly knocked on the door of the closed establishment and asked to use the bathroom. Moments later, he allegedly attempted to sexually assault the restaurant worker.

Screengrabs via CEN from The Mirror

CCTV footage reportedly shows the woman taking the would-be rapist to the ground not once, but twice after he confronted her as she was leaving her shift at the restaurant.

After the first takedown, the woman put her hands around the man’s throat and ordered him to stop. When she ran away, the suspected attacker pursued her and got taken down again. The photos from the CCTV footage tell the story:

Screengrabs via CEN from The Mirror

Screengrabs via CEN from The Mirror

Screengrabs via CEN from The Mirror

"She was very brave and her martial arts skills saved her,” a friend of the victim said, according to the Mirror. "Her attacker didn’t know what had hit him. At one point she had him on the floor and was sitting on him with her hands around his throat."

Two weeks later, detectives arrested the suspect and charged him with attempted rape.


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