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What the media did when Hillary Clinton arrived at an event in Iowa even left an MSNBC anchor surprised: 'Wow!


"The guy in the orange pants is pretty quick."

Image source: YouTube

Hillary Clinton, the Democrats' only announced presidential candidate, arrived in Iowa Tuesday. A gaggle of reporters and photographers assembled in front of the Jones Regional Educational Center in Monticello, Iowa, where where she was set to speak. But when she threw them a curveball, even an MSNBC anchor was left playfully stunned.

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts tossed to Alex Seitz-Wald, who was covering the event for the network. As Seitz-Wald was reporting, Clinton's van passed the front entrance and headed for the back of the building. The media members were initially all set up for her to arrive at the front. And that's when the magic happened.

Watch Seitz-Wald held his position as the rest of the press corps scurried, literally running, to get to the back of the building.

Roberts was left exclaiming "wow" several times:

The crew at the Washington Free Beacon took the video and produced this clever homage to the classic British comedy from Benny Hill:


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