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Famous Funny Man Declares 'America's Flat-Out Gun Crazy,' Offers 'Less-Lethal Alternatives'


" ... at a certain point, you just let the guy go."

Dan Aykroyd's resume as a comic actor is unquestioned. The "Saturday Night Live" original cast member also made cinematic history with the "Ghostbusters" franchise and an iconic turn with the late John Belushi in "The Blues Brothers," among a host of other projects.

As it happens, Aykroyd also has opinions about firearms, which he expressed Friday during an interview on "The HuffPost Show."

In short he said, "America's flat-out gun crazy. That's it, man."

While he quickly added that "of course, it's guns in the wrong hands," Aykroyd then offered some "less-lethal alternatives."

"There's a Taser, there's a sound system that you can use to disable someone, there's a high-frequency generator that you can use, there's a net that you can fire and it completely closes over the top part of the body," he said. "So why aren't we looking into these alternatives?"

Aykroyd, who's from Canada, said that in his country "at a certain point, you just let the guy go." He added that "usually chases are called off once you get to 50 miles an hour up in a street there in Canada. You back off. You don't chase them anymore."

Here's the clip with more from Aykroyd:

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