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Who needs a glove? This weekend was filled with some great beer-cup baseball catches


"A new tradition is born."

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If it happens twice, it's a coincidence. Three times, it's a trend.

The trend started on Saturday, in the game between the Chicago Cubs and San Diego Padres. Cubs fans were already in a good mood as the team was leading 6-2 in the ninth inning when San Diego's Yonder Alonso fouled off a pitch.

Fans in the stands started cheering after noticing a woman on the third base side of the field snagged Alonso's foul ball, catching it in her cup of beer.

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The young baseball fan earned even more cheers when she chugged the beer to retrieve the souvenir.

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On the other side of the country, in San Francisco, the beer-cup catch was repeated when a stadium worker flipped a foul ball into the stands.

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And, as in Chicago, chugging was required to help remove the ball from the cup.

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Sunday, back in Wrigley Field in Chicago, another foul ball landed in the the seats behind third base. This one also ended up in a beer cup, but the fan that caught it placed it there. Of course, he chugged the beer for the TV cameras, prompting the announcer to declare, "a new tradition is born."

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Watch the montage of all three events, courtesy of Major League Baseball:


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