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Woman Says She'll 'Never, Ever Eat Another Big Mac' After Finding Something So Disgusting Inside It Had Her 'Vomiting


"I was just retching and vomiting into the sink."

Image source: Facebook/ Annah Stevenson

A woman in New Zealand's disgusting experience after grabbing a quick bite to eat at McDonald's has her vowing never to eat another Big Mac again. That's because her burger was a bit too crunchy for her liking.

And no, the beef wasn't burned: There was half of a cockroach inside.

Image source: Facebook/Annah Stevenson

"I was working on it for about three or four seconds, I thought it was a bit of gristly meat," Annah Sophia Stevenson of Blenheim, New Zealand, told the Marlborough Express. Stevenson said she doesn't know if she unknowingly swallowed the other half of the bug.

Not wanting her son — who was nearby — to see what she had chomped into, she spat it out, got up quietly and went to the bathroom.

"I was just retching and vomiting into the sink. That's when I got the black crispy shell out of my teeth," Stevenson said."The guts were hanging out and it had a big hole in the middle of it."

Image source: Facebook/Annah Stevenson

While the bug may have been out of her mouth, Stevenson said it still felt like she was eating pieces of it every time she swallowed. Stevenson hasn't contacted the McDonald's location where she bought the meal, but said if they try to give her free food to make up for it, she'll refuse the offer.

"I'll never, ever eat another Big Mac as long as I live," Stevenson said.

McDonald's spokesman Simon Kenny said the fast food chain takes any complaint regarding food safety very seriously and that the company would be investigating.

Soon after her raunchy discovery, Stevenson took to Facebook to post a picture of what she had just bitten into. She placed the bug just above the wording on the food container that read, "Unique? We think you'll say delicious."

"Thanks McDonalds Blenheim, for the cockroach Big Mac. Only thing worse than finding it, was only finding half of it (have I consumed the other part?) and it was while I was chewing on it thinking it was a bit tough so pulled it out!!! I feel violated, ill, traumati[z]ed and disgusted, " Stevenson wrote.

Thanks McDonalds Blenheim, for the cockroach Big Mac. Only thing worse than finding it, was only finding half of it...

Posted by Annah Sophia Stevenson on Saturday, April 18, 2015

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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