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Man in Military Uniform Asks Veteran for a Cigarette — Before the Exchange Was Over, the Vet Was Ripping Off His Patches


“Why are you wearing the uniform?”

In a video recently uploaded on the Internet, an apparent veteran is seen confronting a man wearing a military uniform that he admitted didn't belong to him.

The man in the uniform said he hadn’t gone to boot camp yet and claimed to be wearing his older brother’s boots and uniform. However, he also claimed he had “joined the military” the day before.

“Why are you wearing the uniform?” the veteran asked.

“Because I feel like wearing it,” the man replied. “This is all I have clean.”

It was at this point that the veteran asked the man to read the bottom of a car’s license plate, which appeared to belong to him.

“What’s that say?” the vet asked.

“Disabled veteran,” the man said.

“What do you think that means?” the veteran pressed.

“You were in the military,” he replied.

“Yes, it does. You’re disrespecting the uniform that I wore, that I have lost friends in,” the veteran lectured. “And then you have enough nerve to come up to me and ask me for a cigarette wearing s**t like this?”

He then ripped the patches off the man’s uniform, but ultimately gave them back to him and told him to “stick it in your pocket” and not wear them again.

It wasn't immediately clear where or when the video was recorded.

Watch the exchange below (Warning: Strong language):


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