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The Mysterious and Creepy Thing That Appeared in the Middle of a New York City Street Has Police Looking for Answers


"Nobody knows who dumped ... it."

Brooklyn residents were in for a shocking surprise this week when an old casket filled with trash and some human bones mysteriously appeared in the middle of a neighborhood street.

The bizarre occurrence has left police scratching their heads as to where the casket came from and why someone decided to dump it near a local cemetery, NBC News reported.

Perhaps equally perplexing is the fact that a few human bones from a hand and a foot were found inside of the casket, with the body of whomever was originally buried in it nowhere in sight.

Also missing was the lid to the coffin.

"Nobody knows who dumped a casket with no body in it. Investigation is ongoing 2 find the people responsible," read a tweet sent from the NYPD's 83rd precinct. "Not Cool."

The dirty and worn casket was reportedly discovered around 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning by employees of the Evergreens Cemetery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Police headed to the scene not long after to assess the situation, with officials claiming that it appeared as though the remains were first buried about 25 years ago, according to NBC News.

Some wondered if the casket was dug up from the nearby cemetery or from the grounds of two others in the area, though calls made by WPIX-TV indicated that nothing was out of the ordinary at two of those locations.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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