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Judge Jeanine Pirro Delivers Fiery Monologue Expressing Fears Over 'Shariah Requirements': 'Political Correctness Be Damned. We Are At War


"We need to stop blaming the victim and start killing the murderers."

Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro used the opening segment of her show on Saturday to issue a fiery rebuke of the "politically correct class" that she says is bent on restricting the First Amendment, and expressed fears that some will try to align free speech with "Shariah requirements."

"Free speech in America is nonnegotiable — no matter what the perceived consequences, no matter the worry about retribution from Islamic extremists," Pirro said. "Period. The end of the story."

She went on to defend Pamela Geller, the head of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the group that organized the draw Muhammad cartoon contest at the center of a shooting in Garland, Texas, last week, noting that she — and every other American — has the right to utter comments that both offend and insult.

"She has the right to say whatever she wants," Pirro said, though she added that she disagreed with Geller's tactics and said that the contest was "probably a dumb move."

That aside, Pirro believes that Geller has forced people to look at the issue of free speech to assess whether Americans are truly willing to uphold it, proceeding to deliver a tough message to those on the left whom she believes want to restrict the First Amendment.

"Was anyone drawing a cartoon of Muhammad when they hit us at the World Trade Center? They hate us," Pirro said of Islamic extremists. "They don't need a reason to kill us. Look, we need to stop blaming the victim and start killing the murderers … political correctness be damned. We are at war."

Pirro added that she believes no Americans should fear living under any requirements that curtail religious critiques.

"I don't have to live under any religious rule, especially one that tells me not to criticize someone else's prophet," she said. "For the first time I'm worried about whether or not the present, so-called politically correct climate will restrict our free speech in line with Shariah requirements."

Watch Pirro's comments below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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