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Police Say Intruder Broke Into Home, Attacked Homeowner — but He Should’ve Been Worried About the Man’s Wife


Don't mess with Texas women.

Police in Cherokee County, Texas, say an intruder broke into a couple’s home on Tuesday morning and attacked a male homeowner — but the man’s wife quickly came to his rescue.

(Photo: Shutterstock/Burlingham) (Photo: Shutterstock/Burlingham)

Cherokee County Sheriff’s deputies determined the suspect broke in through the front door and encountered several people inside. The woman’s husband returned home during the confrontation and was immediately attacked by the suspect near the back door, according to the Jacksonville Progress.

After a scuffle lasting several minutes, the husband reportedly ran back into the house and locked the back door. But when the relentless suspect broke into the home yet again and attacked the man, the wife retrieved a firearm and fired one accurate shot.

The alleged intruder hit the floor and the wife handed the gun to her husband so she could dial 911. It wasn’t immediately clear if the victims knew the suspect, who police did not identify.

The suspect, said to be in good condition on Wednesday, and is expected to face a burglary of a habitation with Intent to commit assault charge.


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