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The Chilling Words a Suspected Robber Allegedly Told an Ambulance Dispatcher After Tricking Him and Robbing Him at Gunpoint


It played out like a Hollywood thriller.

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It was 5:30 a.m. in Ft. Worth, Texas, on Saturday. On the side of the road, a man stood trying desperately to flag down anyone who would look. His lights were flashing. He was broken down.

Or so it seemed.

An unidentified dispatcher at MedStar, an ambulance service in the area, decided to pull over and offer assistance on his way home from work. And that's when the man on the side of the road became anything but a helpless motorist.

According to Ft. Worth police, KXAS-TV reports, the two had a brief conversation. The "broken down" motorist then got into the good Samaritan's car — and pulled a gun.

The man forced the driver to a local ATM to make a withdrawal. He then made him buy some items at a local store. After that, it played out like a movie. They ended up at a nearby park where the suspect had some chilling words for his hostage: This is when he would normally shoot the man, but because he helped saves people's lives, he would let him go. 

“To some extent, the fact that he was still in uniform and had complied with everything that they’d wanted him to do essentially saved his life,” Matt Zavadsky, a spokesperson for MedStar, told KXAS.

The nightmare wasn't quite over. The vicim said the man then took his phone and keys, tossing the keys into a nearby field before running off. Luckily for the employee, he found the keys and drove back to work to report what happened.

“Kudos to the employee for stopping and trying to help,” Zavadsky said. “It’s just unfortunate there was a nefarious outcome.”

Police are still investigating, and no arrests have been made.

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