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When You See What This Motorist Noticed About the Car Next to Him, You’ll Understand Why He Started Screaming


"That's not safe's rush hour."

(Source: YouTube)

A Phoenix, Airiz., man got quite the surprise when he realized what has happening next to him while driving down the road.

While coming to a stoplight, the man saw what appeared to be a young boy driving a small SUV through rush hour traffic on Thursday with several passengers inside the vehicle.

Caught on video in a viral YouTube video, the boy pulled up to a stop light and grinned at the person filming the video. There appears to be an adult man in the passenger seat next to the child with two smaller passengers in the backseat.

"Dude you're going to get someone f***ing killed man," the man filming can be heard saying.

Content warning: Some strong language

According to the description on the video, the man sitting next to the child claimed to have his hand on the emergency brake.

"That's not safe man, come on, dude, it's rush hour, dude, there's a lot of cars, dude," the man filming said.

KSAZ in Phoenix reported that the station had reached out to local police but had yet to hear back.

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