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God Has Anointed Me': Meet the 'Prophetesses' Who Claim That They Can See the Future and Heal the Sick


"I was able to see in a dream the events of Hurricane Katrina weeks before it happened."

A new, six-episode docuseries on Lifetime entitled "Preach" takes a look at the lives of four female faith leaders — known as "prophetesses" — who believe that God has given them the ability to see the future, cure addictions and heal inflictions.

The show follows the four female pastors as they embark on a journey to follow God's commands, and as they teach so-called protégés to learn their craft so that their Christian message will continue beyond their current ministries.

See the trailer for "Preach" below:

"A prophetess is a woman who speaks directly to God and who is charged with the mandate to speak for God," Belinda Scott, one of the prophetesses, said during the premiere episode on Friday evening. "The test of a prophetess is that what they speak comes to pass."

Scott, of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland, Ohio, believes that she has the ability to predict child birth and help women who are unable to conceive, claiming that she was given these gifts at the age of 11.

"God has anointed me to be used by him to help people, to change their life and to give them a positive direction," she said. "I was able to see in a dream the events of Hurricane Katrina weeks before it happened."

In addition to Scott, the show follows Kelly Crews, a faith leader who was once Scott's protégé, and Linda Roark, whose gift is helping rescue people from the streets and introduce them to God. 

The fourth star is Taketa Williams, a woman who has attracted a worldwide following and is called the "Beyonce of the Preaching World."

Watch episode one here.

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